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Fesco Online Bill Check 2023

You can check your FESCO Bill easily from here. fescobillz.com is a completely free website. If you want to check your FESCO Bill, enter the 14-digit code. Also, you can check your FESCO Online Bill total from here every month and download it. You can also print it out for payment

Types 14 Digit Reference No Without Space

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From Fescobillz.com you can check Decmber bills online you don’t need to worry about bills you can easily Fesco bill check from here

 For this, you will get 14-digit codes in one corner of the bill which you have to enter here and after that, you have to click on check bill then you can get the exact one and you can download it and also you can take a print of it and save it in jpg or pdf format.

If you have paid your bill and you want to see your bill for July month you can check it at fescobillz.com As soon as the bill is uploaded you have to enter the 14-digit code. this website is free. you can check the FESCO from here.

Where can you find your FESCO electricity bill?

If you are away from your home and want to check your FESCO Bill then you can go to the internet and search for Fesco online bill download by visiting the website you can check your bill and you can do it from anywhere. Pay it and from the fescobillz.com website, you can very easily get the bill and download its pdf or jpg. And also get its printout to pay the bill.

fesco bill

From which coverage areas can the bill be paid?

  1. Faisalabad
  2. Jhang
  3. Toba Tik Singh
  4. Sargodha
  5. Mianwali
  6. Khushab
  7. Bhakkar
  8. Chinot


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What is the Fesco?

Fesco is the abbreviation of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. It provides electricity to about four million consumers. Fesco is called the best electricity provider in Pakistan. It is estimated to serve up to 24 million and losses in providing electricity are very low. Its main office is in Faisalabad. I am.

How do I check my fesco online bill check print?

some steps read for checking the FESCO Bill. Visit my Fescobillz.com website. inter 14 Digit Reference Number in the search bar. Now you will get the latest due date bill. Now Download the bill or Print it out.

Fescobillz.com website is very fast. you will get the Fesco bill quickly. you can view it on all devices (desktop/mobile). You will just need 14 14-digit reference numbers to get the Fesco bill. which You will type in the search bar and you will get the bill. you can not check bills from CNIC or Mobile numbers.

Fesco Bill Taxes:

Fesco bill taxes complete detail below. 5-point discussion.

  1. FPA:
  2. TR Surcharge
  3. FC Surcharge:
  4. Deferred Amount:
  5. QTR Tariff Adj / DMC:


FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. In the Fesco bill, the fuel prices of FPA and rental power companies are related. which generates electricity using crude oil. When the price of fuel fluctuates, you can see this amount in your bills.

TR Surcharge

T.R. Surcharge stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. It differentiates the tariffs of GOPO and NEPRA. And if the difference is positive then it will be payable by GOP as a subsidy but if it is negative, the distribution company will pay as T.R. Surcharge.

FC Surcharge:

FC stands for financing cost. The authorities have decided to charge an FC surcharge of 43 Paisa per unit to secure the recovery of the debt of Power Holding Pvt.

Deferred Amount:

This is the amount that will be added to your bill, which you can pay in a single month or later. There will be no additional charges. It will be added to your bills on an installment basis. will be done and there will be no additional charges

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC:

This is the quarterly tariff adjustment amount. You will get it in your bills after every 3 months.

Bill payment for FESCO

After getting your Fesco electricity bill you can pay it online and also you can pay it offline the details about it are below. you can read it completely.

  1. Online payment
  2. Offline Payment

Online Payment:

You can pay your electricity bill online through a bank by calling your bank’s helpline for complete details and downloading its app and this app. You can pay your bill online through EasyPaisa and JazzCash and pay your Fesco bill online.

Offline Payment:

You can pay your Fesco electricity bill from all branches of commercial banks and post offices and for this, you will need a photocopy of your Fesco bill.

FAQs FESCO Bill (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can we check Fesco’s bill?
To get a Fesco bill you need to enter the 14-digit code at fescobillz.com/fesco bill from which you can also get a Fesco bill.

Can I check the Fasco bill by CNIC number meter number or name?
No, you cannot check the Fesco bill by CNIC number meter number, or name. You can check the Fesco bill with the reference number only. For any reason, you can check the Fesco bill by visiting the nearest WAPDA office by providing the name and more details.

How can I change my name on my Fesco electricity bill?
For that, you should visit your nearest WAPDA office and apply. A name change on a bill is like a new connection.

What is this FPA in Fesco bills?
It is a system of adjustment in fees based on the rise and fall in fuel prices. It is a system related to crude oil used in generating electricity. from which electricity is generated.

What is an FESCO complaint number?
FISCO’s complaint number or helpline Number is 111-000-118.

FESCO bills can be calculated online?
Yes, you can the estimated bill amount by using the calculator.

What is this PM relief in the Fesco utility bill?
This is the relief given by the PM of Pakistan or the Government of Pakistan

Can I pay my Fesco bill in installments now?
Your current bill does not apply to installments

How do I apply for rectification of my Fesco bill?
If you feel that your bill is not correct then you can submit your request by going to the customer’s office.